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Location: Wellsville, UT (US)

Serving: UT


John Fitch


Cell phone: 435-770-7335
Best way to contact: text

AREA COVERED: I live in Northern Utah. Wellsville. I am retired from trimming client horses but available to help students compete certification and horse owners trim their own horses.

PROFILE: My wife Claire and I live on 11 acres with our 4 horses, 2 dogs, 3 cats and 10 chickens. Our riding interests include trail and classical dressage lessons when available. The horses live on a pea gravel track around a small pasture and arena. We grow our own grass hay. The soil and each hay crop are tested to determine what supplements are required. We boot primarily with Easycare boots, but have experience with both the Renegade and Cavallo products.

WHAT STUDENTS CAN EXPECT: We no longer have clients so trimming is limited to our 4 horses, which include a Morgan, Morgan/Shire, Quarter, and Arab. Focus will be on husbandry, nutrition/grass hay harvest/testing, booting, business practices and trimming. Cost is $150/day and students are welcome to stay in our home with us.