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Location: Riverside, CA (US)

Serving: CA


Christopher Naron

Student Practitioner

Thank you for your interest in natural hoof care and rehabilitation. My name is Christopher Naron. My goal is to work with owners and other hoof care professionals to help our horses live healthier more sound lives.By taking into account the diet, living conditions and lifestyle of our horses, together we can better their lives towards a more natural state.
We live in a world which expects instantaneous results, which we also expect form our horses. What we must understand is that development, growth and recovery all take time. We can not expect to move forward with one, without the other. By providing to the best of our abilities, a more natural life style which will be the greatest aid in developing the internal structures and in growing better connected walls which will allow rehabilitation to occur sooner and at a high quality. I am able to provide maintenance trims, custom size boots, provide Hoof castings and other techniques to assist your horse To develop better hoofs. I am looking forward to working with new clients on a case by case basis. Thank you for your time and interest.