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Shipman, VA (US)

Serving VA.


434 260 4701

Anne Buteau

Practitioner, Mentor

12 credits completed in 2022

I have been trimming since 2000, starting with my OTT TB and an old pony, and then for the horse owners I used to ride for. In the beginning I went to clinics on the east coast with KC La Pierre, and Dr. Strasser, then joined AANHCP in 2003 and after mentorships with Cindy Sullivan, Pete Ramey, Jaime Jackson and others, became a certified practitioner in 2006. I was a Field Instructor for a couple of years. In 2009 I was certified by the American Hoof Association, and then after that, the PHCP!

I especially enjoy teaching beginners to trim, as I can share from my experiences over the years, saving them time and struggles, whether it be using tools or working with the horses, and simplifying things as much as possible. I have a wide range of horses available to work on, so can ensure that students can get as much hands on trimming as they want in a mentorship. My herd of 6 horses and ponies range in size from my Mini to Dartmoor ponies, to my Arab and the Percheron boarder.

Clients horses include many breeds including TWH, TB, Connemara, Arabs, Clydesdale/TB cross, QH, working minis, and a few donkeys. Some horses are maintenance trims and some are in stages of rehab, so there is a variety to see and work on. Mentorships are now being subsidized by PHCP so you only pay $100 to the mentor. It is recommended that you schedule 6 weeks ahead to allow for suitable horses to be arranged for your mentorship. There are motel and B&B accommodations 20 mins away. Email and text is the best way to get in touch with me.

I attend continuing education events when I can, and study at home, as there is always more to learn. I am currently only accepting occasional new trimming clients, due to back issues, instead focusing on teaching horse owners to maintain their own horses feet as there is a real shortage of barefoot specialists in many areas of Virginia. Now would be a good time to establish a trimming business here!

Fall of 2020, I started a career in Real Estate with Montague Miller and Co, so please get in touch of you’re considering selling or buying property here in Virginia, or relocating to Virginia . I am familiar with many areas of the state, and can probably help in some way… text me!