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Location: Shelton, WA (US)

Serving: WA


Amy Allen

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Practitioner, Mentor

My journey into hoof care started in 2002. My OTTB, TJ, had poor quality hoof walls, thin soles, and could not hold a shoe for over five weeks. After consulting with my farrier, we tried glue on shoes. On the second set, one shoe broke at the quarters. I decided to pull his shoes, immerse myself into learning about hoof care and help him grow quality hooves.

April 2006 I attended a Pete Ramey hoof care clinic in Jacksonville, Oregon, that same year I started trimming for clients. Hoof care is a package, it’s not just the trim, it encompasses balanced nutrition, lots of movement, a clean environment and balanced trimming every 3-6 (max) weeks. The use of hoof boots, the modern day shoe, is an important part of hoof care.

2009 I joined PHCP and in 2011 became a Pacific Hoof Care Practitioner (PHCP).

2012 I was accepted as an American Hoof Care Association Member and became a PHCP Mentor

2014 and 2015 I co-hosted Pete Ramey workshops at our facility. Continuing education is important and I believe we are the student, the horse is our teacher. Nutrition and rehabilitation are areas of special interest. In addition to trimming, I also sell California Trace minerals and EasyCare hoof boots.

Along with being a hoof care practitioner, and mentor, I am also a horsemanship trainer, having audited and ridden in multiple clinics with Buck Brannaman. I’m currently a trainee teacher in the Philippe Karl School of Légèreté, classical dressage training program.

I’m currently fully booked, however I occasionally have an opening.   You’re welcome to contact me.

Email is the best way to reach me, but you can also reach me via phone or text.

Mentorships are $150 per day. I enjoy teaching every level of student and I have access to a variety of horses, including my own, so we have plenty of horses to teach us. Call or email and we can discuss the details.