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Waverly, AL (US)

Serving AL, GA.



Destiny Goble


Advanced Student Practitioner

Get to know me Q&A from a recent interview.

What made you decide to pursue hoof care?
“I wanted a career where I could be with horses everyday and get paid for it. This led to my passion of filling the need for competent hoof care in rural areas to help stop the neglect cycle we often see.”

Do you love your career the same as you did in the beginning?
“I love my career so much. Probably more now as time goes by. Each time I can improve a horse’s quality of life and give an owner peace of mind, I think my love for it grows bigger.”

What advice do you offer owners seeking better hoof quality?

“You have to look at the entire picture. So often in many of my cases, hoof pathologies come as a secondary issue. For the healthiest hoof possible, it’s paramount that we have short hoof care cycles, the horse’s diet needs to be carefully crafted to the individual’s need, and we need to have a balanced body with balanced movement. Most importantly, owners need to be knowledgeable about hoof care. No one is going to advocate for a horse better than they can.”