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Selinsgrove, PA (US)

Serving PA.



Stephen Kratzer

Intermediate Student Practitioner

46 credits completed in 2022

Like many others, my journey into hoof care started with wanting to provide the best care for my horses but not being able to find local hoof care providers who provided what I was looking for.

I started reading everything I could get my hands on related to hoof care, nutrition, anatomy, body work, radiography, riding, training, etc., and I started attending trimming clinics with Daisy Bicking and Pete Ramey.

I started trimming my own horses 2 years ago and joined the PHCP shortly thereafter. PHCP clinics (with Ida Hammer and Jeannean Mercuri) and mentorships have provided amazing learning experiences and have provided knowledge and skills that I’ve incorporated into my hoof care for my personal horses.

To me, good hoof care includes diet, environment, movement, management and regular trimming (ideally every 4 weeks). Booting and casting are also important to keep horses comfortable, especially when transitioning to barefoot or working on unfamiliar or challenging terrain.

I am not currently taking on client horses, but am more than happy to provide whatever help I can.

The best way to contact me is through email and text messaging. Phone calls are also welcome.

Best wishes for you and your equine partners!