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Maxville, ON (Canada)

Serving QC.



Anne-Charlotte de Chavanes



I’ve been a riding coach for years, and started learning about natural hoof care to help my lessons horses. I’m also an equine massage therapist and I am certified in equine kinesiotaping and neuro-myofascial release.
As for my trimming journey, I went to a Pete Ramey clinic several years ago. After that, I became an American Hoof Association apprentice, then successfully completed the Equine Sciences Academy program, then I became an AHA certified professional and just joined the PHCP. I make the most of every educational opportunity I get, so I’m very excited to be a PHCP member!
I use a whole horse approach – diet, bodywork, exercise, equipment, etc. – and I like to work on a plan together with the owner. I’m happy to help horses, minis and donkeys – I love donkeys! I service the Montreal area as well as Eastern Ontario (anywhere East of Ottawa).
The best way to get in touch with me in via email or text 514-677-2670. Feel free to contact me with any questions.