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Yacolt, WA (United States)

Serving WA.



Timothy Day

Intermediate Student Practitioner

20 credits completed in 2022

I began shoeing in 2011 when I worked as a mule packer in the Eastern Sierra. Shoeing was a requirement of the job and I worked with mules and horses in the capacity of a packer until 2015, when I moved to Central Oregon.
There I was mentored by a 40 years experienced farrier and trimmer who introduced me to barefoot hoof care and barefoot rehabilitation of the pathological hoof.
Since that time I have learned so much and continue to do so. I have gained much from different mentors over the years (human and animal). Working with and providing for the quality of life of animals is my passion. Having so much experience with mules early on in my career solidified in me that all animals are dignified and deserving of respect. I do my best to preserve that relationship of trust while working with them.

I have only been involved with PHCP since December 2022, and I am absolutely grateful for this organization.

Currently, I provide hoof care in South West Washington for horses, mules, donkeys, minis, and goats.
I am an authorized dealer for Scoot and Equine Fusion. I am happy to measure hooves for boots of other brands by request. I carry Pure Sole products for sale, as well.
As of January 2023, I am studying large animal massage with NWSAM, and look forward to adding soft tissue work to my practice in the near future.