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Tucson, AZ

Clinician, Mentor

Trimming a limited number of clients and teaching extensively.

I started my hoof care odyssey in 1999.  That was a pivotal era in hoof care.  There were very few resources at the time.  Jaime Jackson, Dr. Strasser and one trimming website was basically all that was available.

The only way to get good at trimming was to just do it.  I paired up with my best friend and trimming mentor, Ruth Green (she and Pete Ramey were part of the first 5 AANHCP instructors).

I trimmed anything that would stand still long enough.  I began dragging home anything that was lame and worked through their issues.

I learned by fire. Early in my journey, I started exploring and dissecting cadaver feet.  What I have learned is the cornerstone of my work. I became a professional in 2001. In 2003 I started www.ironfreehoof.  I’ve always been passionate about helping others with good information.

In 2012, I upped the ante on teaching and creating educational material. Fellow trimmer, Jenny Edwards (www.all-natural-horse-care.com), and I joined forces and created Anatomy of the Equine.

Jenny’s graphic design background and my science and research training are a perfect blend.

We have created books and posters. We have carefully crafted them to be both study guides and handy tools for teaching. But we have thousands more images we want people to see.

Our images convey so much information; we hate they are stuck in a virtual closet. We want to extrapolate every ounce of information that each cadaver foot imparts. It is a tribute to the horses.

Everyone sees something different in our photos. We want a more interactive platform, so our latest push is webinars, clinics and lectures.

The more we understand mechanics the more we help horses.

I love teaching and building confidence for students at all levels.

Client List

My client list fluctuates from being full to an occasional opening.  It is worth it to contact me.

Contact via
The best way to reach me is via text or email.  Calling is the worst! I am terrible with voicemail.


For students looking to do a mentorship, I charge $150 per day.  I enjoy teaching every level.  My mentorships are trimming based on anatomy with lots of discussion regarding the internal structures and hoof capsule.  Typically, we will end up in my shop dissecting a foot or two or three to emphasize key relationships.  It will depend on your level of interest.

My goal is to give you the tools to understand how and why hooves respond to trimming.  I adore building confidence and understanding

Your mentorship will be fluid to fulfill your needs.

If time allows, we will also spend time with Dr. Hancock.  She is an excellent teacher and will relate the whole horse to the hooves.  It is a real treat to see her work.

I am also willing to do traveling mentorships.

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Primarily Ventura County

Clinician, Mentor

I started trimming horses when my own mare went lame and I started to look deeper into the ‘why’ of traditional horse care.  This led me on a life changing path of learning I never could have predicted!  I then joined the AANHCP, and later became a founding member of the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners.  I was also certified by the American Hoof Association in 2008.  My husband Mario became a PHCP Practitioner and Mentor, and then an AHA Practitioner as well, and together we have run a successful hoof trimming business in Southern Ca.  In 2012 we were fortunate enough to start working with Shannon Peters elite dressage horses, including her husband Steffen Peters’ Olympic mount, Ravel, who we still have the honor of trimming.  We continue to work with Shannon’s as well as Akiko Yamazaki’s dressage horses, and were featured in a Dressage Today article on the subject of barefoot performance horses.  We also trim endurance horses, working western, pleasure, pasture ornaments, retirees, etc.  In addition to trims we offer casting and glue on boot services, we sell the California Trace supplement and I also put out an almost monthly newsletter.  We service primarily Ventura County and the schedule is booked tight.  We are accepting new clients on a waiting list basis, and email or text is the best way to reach me. Please feel free to reach out again if you don’t hear back from me right away – sometimes the messages get buried.

For PHCP mentorships, I charge $150/day. I can work with all levels of students, from beginner to advanced, please contact me via email to set up a mentorship and work out the details.


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Clinician, Mentor




Based near Aberdeen, WA, Grays Harbor County parts of Pacific, Mason and Thurston counties.


I attended farrier school in 1991/92 and was a traditional farrier until 2007 when I switched to barefoot after attending my first Pete Ramey clinic.  I joined PHCP in 2008 and AHA in 2010.  I make a point to do continuing education at least twice a year.  I also am a mentor and clinician for PHCP and teach the beginning booting and shoe removal and anatomy of the distal limb clinics once a year.  I have two horses of my own, one older, retired guy who now specializes in being a trimming subject and booting model and my half Arab who I ride in endurance.
I am taking a few clients at this time.
Best way to reach me is email or text.

For students looking to mentor with me I charge $150 a day.  Some notice is usually required to plan a day with interesting client horses and my own, 4 weeks is usually plenty.  Please feel free to contact me to set up a mentorship.

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New Name, Same Great Organization!

Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners is now Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners! Yes, it finally happened. We finally realized that a majority of our members do not live on the Pacific Coast, where this organization was born.

PHCP Annual Dues

It’s that time again and automatic-renewal payments are here! We are initiating auto-renew membership subscriptions for all our existing and new members.


IR and PPID: Diagnosis and Management

The most up to date information on equine insulin resistance and Cushing’s disease. Both sessions of this 2 part webinar must be taken together. This webinar fulfills the PPID/IR course requirement for PHCP students.

Booting and Shoe Removal

Covers the various methods of shoe removal for ease and comfort to both horse and trimmer, as well as how to fit and use a wide variety of hoof boots based on performance, rehab and rider needs. This clinic fulfills the Beginning Booting and Shoe Removal clinic requirement for PHCP students.

Beginning Anatomy and Dissection

This clinic begins by introducing students to the anatomy of the lower limb. Preserved specimens and bones will be examined followed by trimming and dissections of cadaver legs. Common pathology will be discussed. This clinic fulfills the Beginning Anatomy requirement for PHCP student.