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Equine Diets and Mineral Balancing

Times are listed in Mountain Time (Denver) – use the converter to find your local time. Webinar recordings will be made available for 6 months following the session.

Scott Cieslar, M.Sc., founder and CEO of Mad Barn Inc., is offering this free webinar on mineral balancing. The recording is available until September 30.

Scott will share his knowledge on how to balance your horse’s diet, from pencil and paper to advanced modeling techniques. Learn about the Mad Barn research program and what they have learned from 20,000 diet evaluations.

Scott’s interest in horses developed at a young age when his father purchased their first Standardbred broodmare. From there he pursued his interest in horses – working with the local veterinarian; grooming and training race horses; and during university working at a local breeding farm. His interest in animal nutrition and physiology took him to the University of Guelph where he graduated with a Masters of Science. During his time there he had the opportunity to work with some of the top equine researchers in exercise physiology, focusing on fluid and electrolyte balance in exercising horses and also, testing novel hardware for a non-invasive method for measuring hydration status. Scott worked in the feed industry as a nutrition and management consultant for the dairy and equine sectors across Canada for over 10 years before returning to university to pursue a PhD. At the same time, he founded Mad Barn Inc., which has grown into the number one equine nutrition company in North America.