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Advanced Anatomy and Glue-on Hoof Protection

This three day advanced clinic will include both a deep dive into the anatomy of the equine hoof and the theory and application of glue-on hoof protection.


PHCP students must be at least at the Intermediate Studies level with two IS mentorships completed. Non-members must be established professionals in the hoof care field. This three day clinic counts as Elective and CE credit for PHCP members.

Day 1 – advanced anatomy

We will view and discuss slides of hoof structure and the different types of tissues followed by dissection to explore the possible damage that can occur. We will take apart multiple feet, making sure to include a vast array of hoof distortions. Each capsule will be removed in a way that enables us to consider the relationship between the wall and sole and how the foot loads. You will be able to feel imbalances, the difference between high heels versus low heels, and explore the way crooked legs cause changes in how the foot interacts with the ground. We will examine variations in the internal structures within the hoof so that you can better understand how and why hoof distortions occur.

Days 2 and 3 – glue-on hoof protection

Philip has many years of experience working with glue-on boot shells, flexible shoes, and casting for hoof protection in performance and rehab cases. He will share with you the techniques and tips needed to succeed when full time hoof protection is called for.

Topics covered

  • Tools and materials needed
  • Glue and hoof packing options
  • Glue-on boot/shoe fit and size selection
  • Hoof preparation and theory
  • Hands-on glueing
  • Finishing the foot
  • Troubleshooting and lots of time for questions to be answered

What to bring

If possible, students should bring their own tools (gloves, apron, nippers, rasp, knife, hoof pick, and stand) but we will have some to share.

If you have a cadaver leg of your own you would like to dissect with us please let us know and bring it along.

Please bring your own lunch to eat on location. There are plenty of places to pick up prepared food in the area ahead of time. We will take an hour lunch break from 12:00 to 1:00.


Erie is a cute little town and the clinic is located north. Near by hotels (Longmont, Lafayette, Boulder), grocery shopping, and restaurants. Depending on your preferences and budget. Some students have found really sweet places to stay on Airbnb.


Denver International Airport is about a 30 minute drive. Use google maps for directions. Apple Maps won’t quite get you there.

Most times it’s cheaper to rent a car than Uber or Lyft. I encourage folks to coordinate with other clinic attendees for car rentals and hotels if you’d like to save on money. If you would like to explore this option, text me at 858-882-7209 and I will help put you in touch with other attendees who are also interested in sharing. There is enough parking in the back. Closer to the date I will email maps, weather forecast and more information.

Start time is 9:00am each day and we’ll finish up at 5:00pm.

Philip Himanka is a PHCP Certified Practitioner and Mentor. He also has APF-I  certification with the American Association of Professional Farriers.  He has been applying glue-on hoof protection for over 10 years, has 2500+ trims on his books each year and has extensive rehabilitation experience. “I try to learn every day from every horse. I love to teach and help prospective practitioners to be successful.”

Philip owns and operates Not Only Barefoot Llc in Erie Colorado.