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Understanding and Reversing “Sinkers” and Hoof Capsule Rotation

This is a two part webinar series.   Each session will run about 2.5 to 3 hours with plenty of time for questions.

Thinking Vertically

Part 1: Understanding “Sinkers” and Hoof Capsule Rotation

Understand the landmarks for the estimation of CE (the vertical location of the bones relative to the hoof capsule) and sole thickness. Misunderstanding of this phenomenon causes some of the most critical errors commonly made by professional hoof care providers and horse owners. Consider sole thickness as part of the breakover equation.

Part 2: Reversing “Sinkers” and Hoof Capsule Rotation

Pete will share the subtle mechanics behind successful hoof capsule rotation and distal descent reversal. Learn to evaluate and select the best current heel height/palmar angle to best support healing. Understand why heel height is the most important balancing act in hoof care and rehabilitation (and the most variable from horse to horse, even day to day). The importance of prioritizing impact and peak load mechanics vs. standing mechanics.

Pete Ramey has been a full-time farrier/rehabilitation specialist since 1994. He is the author of the book, Care and
Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot, six instructional video sets, hundreds of articles about hoof care and has taught clinics and worked on horses all over the world. He lives in Northeast Georgia with his wife, Ivy, wrangling four kids and three grandkids.