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Choosing and Fitting Hoof Boots

Make hoof boots work for you!

Choosing the right hoof boot for your clients and their horses can be tricky. This webinar will discuss the different types of hoof boots, factors to keep in mind when deciding on a boot model, common booting problems, and how to be successful booting.

Learn how to incorporate hoof boots into your hoof care business. They are such an integral part of barefoot success for you and your clients.


Sara Hunt got started going down the barefoot rabbit hole in 2006 with her first horse, Prophecy, who was facing retirement, and instead spent another 10 years enjoying the trails (and is still hoof-sound today at 33!—and now the beneficiary of all of PHCP’s required PPID knowledge). The rest of her family horses followed, and over the years Sara got very comfortable with many models of boots, having her horses in Gloves, Cavallos, Renegades, and others. After years of helping others with their horses on the side, Sara started a booting business, and after enough booting clients asked very very nicely, started trimming full-time. In 2018 she joined PHCP and is currently an Advanced Student Practitioner eagerly awaiting her final mentorships. She is a dealer for EasyCare, Equine Fusion, Scoot Boot, Cavallo, and HorseTech as well as an Independent BEMER Distributor. When not trimming and booting she’s at the barn with Missy, Prophecy, and Finn, fetching squeaky toys for her dogs, Lola and Mara, or trapped by one or two of her three cats on the couch.