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Advanced Anatomy and Dissection

Spend two days exploring all aspects of hoof and distal limb anatomy.  We will be taking apart multiple feet, making sure to include a vast array of hoof distortions.

Each capsule will be removed in a way that enables us to consider the relationship of the walls to the sole and how the foot loads.  You will be able to feel imbalances, the difference between high heels versus low heels, and explore the way crooked legs cause changes in how the foot interacts with the ground. We will examine variations in the internal structures within the hoof so that you can better understand how and why hoof distortions occur.

This clinic is not designed for beginners. Completion of a beginning anatomy clinic and a good basic understanding of distal limb anatomy is needed before attending.

Dissections will be performed by Paige, it’s not necessary to bring your tools.

Join her in the journey to better understand the hoof.

Accommodations available for 2 adults

Kitchen, bathroom, outdoor shower, 2 twin beds for $80/night. Book early

Paige Poss
has dissected hundreds of lower legs and quite a few whole horses. Her passion lies in creating images that teach and using easy to understand analogies to explain complex concepts. Paige is dedicated to learning and to sharing her knowledge. She is a member of the Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners and the American Association of Professional Farriers. Paige has taught trimming techniques and anatomy around the country and internationally, including recent trips to England and Scotland. In a partnership with colleague Jenny Edwards, she created Anatomy of the Equine as an educational tool for teaching anatomy. Paige currently lives and works in Arizona.