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Glue-on Hoof Protection

Following the NY beginning clinics, we are offering a Glue-on hoof protection clinic.

In both performance and rehab cases full-time protection can be a necessity for some horses. Deanna Stoppler has years of experience working with glue-on shoes and boots. In this hands-on clinic she will share her knowledge with students and practitioners to help them succeed with a variety of hoof protection products in their practice.

Topics covered

  • Tools necessary for application of glue-on shoes and boot shells
  • Glue and hoof packing options
  • Shoe/boot fit and size selection
  • Steps for hoof preparation prior to shoe/boot  application
  • Shoe/boot application
  • Final steps for a finished foot

Lunch is included.

If possible, students should bring their own tools (gloves, apron, nippers, rasp, knife, hoof pick and stand) but we will have some to share if need be for those flying.

As a graduate of Mission Farrier School Deanna learned to apply steel, aluminum, therapeutic clogs, and composite shoes to the
hoof. After nine years of developing her craft while running her full time hoof care business; enrolling in various continuing education courses over the year; and gluing shoes with EasyBoot Elite for Tevis Cup in 2015 and 2016, Deanna transitioned away from the application of steel and aluminum shoes and now offers barefoot trimming, glue on composite shoes, and boot fitting. To learn more about her hoof care experience visit