Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners

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Hoof Protection and Shoe Removal

This clinic fulfills the Booting and Shoe Removal clinic requirement for PHCP students.

We will explore a wide variety of boots and pads

Correlate hoof shape to booting challenges

Match boot types to performance demands

Go over basic fitting guidelines

Look at how hoof boots fit into your business

We will discuss the how and why of hoof casts and practice applying them

The ins and outs of pulling shoes and working safely with the tools and the horse

Hands on practice pulling shoe on cadaver feet

Accommodations available for 2 adults
Kitchen, bathroom, outdoor shower, 2 twin beds for $80/night. Book early!

Paige Poss has dissected hundreds of lower legs and quite a few whole horses. Her passion lies in creating images that teach and using easy to understand analogies to explain complex concepts. Paige is dedicated to learning and to sharing her knowledge. She is a member of the Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners and the American Association of Professional Farriers. Paige has taught trimming techniques and anatomy around the country and internationally, including recent trips to the England and Scotland. Paige currently lives and works in Arizona.