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Free EponaMind Metron-Hoof webinar

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Visit the webinar instruction page for more info.

Webinar recordings will be made available for 2 weeks following the session.

The recording is available HERE until April 30th

EponaMind will share their Metron-Hoof software with us in this free webinar.

Metron-Hoof software is an image-based system using photographs to keep track of the horse’s hoof. It is a subset of the full veterinary product, Metron-DVM, and can be used by hoof care practitioners.

Monique Craig has a degree in computer science engineering with a minor in mathematics and physics. She was aiming at a PhD in computational linguistics at Stanford, when she purchased her Holsteiner stallion – Smirnoff. His chronic hoof problems made her take a very different direction in her career. She became a professional farrier and concurrently developed the software Metron with her husband John Craig.  A few years later she invented the EponaShoe. Monique has spent many years researching, trimming and shoeing the hoof — as well as riding and training. Her research has been presented at several veterinary and farrier conferences and in various publications.  She  recently published a book: A Modern Look at… The Hoof.  She gives lectures in the USA and internationally. She has been a visiting scholar at CalPoly San Luis Obispo for the past eight years where she lectures in a biomechanics course for  pre-veterinarian students.