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Beginner Trim class

This clinic is presented by Ida Hammer of Whole Horse Trimming

The class starts with a discussion of all the parts of the hoof and their function.

Each participating student will have a cadaver leg which they will assess and map before trimming.

The trimming will begin step by step applying the correct trim to the individual hoof, with focus on proper tool handling and techniques used in the field.

After the students have finished their trim, they will be given the opportunity to explore their hoof, to identify vital structures and the perimeters of which one must stay within to achieve optimal soundness.

We will finish with a dissection to further explore the anatomy of the distal limb.

Class preparation

Students are encouraged to read Pete Ramey’s articles on  and/or purchase his DVD’s Under the Horse.

This class, attended as a full participant, fulfills the Beginning Anatomy requirement for PHCP students.