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Reading Radiographs for the Hoof Care Professional

This clinic is postponed. Check back for new dates.

This is a hands on Radiograph clinic with Allison Williges DVM

This clinic fulfills the Reading Radiograph requirement for PHCP students.

As a hoof care provider it is important for you to have a basic idea of what to look for in a radiograph and how it may effect your trimming decisions.

In this hands on clinic you will learn how to read radiographs to improve your trimming skills and create better balance in the equine distal limb. Learn anatomy, terminology, which views to take and why, how to mark the hoof, and more! We will be working on live horses.


Visit Anatomy of the Equine and purchase the Apps or Ebooks. Spend time on this web site and get familiar with the distal limb anatomy before you attend this clinic.