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The Invisible Hoof: A Guided Tour Through the Equine Foot

On Saturday,  Paige will perform dissections on cadaver hooves, providing you with the opportunity to see (and even feel, if you want to!) the internal structures that play such a vital role in your horse’s hoof health. On Sunday, we will relate what we learned from the dissections to trimming hooves on both live and cadaver feet.

Attendance of both days will fulfill the PHCP Beginning Anatomy and Dissection requirement.

Day 1: Dissections

• Learn to recognize changes in hoof shape, how those changes relate to the internal structures, why such changes can lead to future issues, and how you may be able to make adjustments before problems occur.
• Gain a better understanding of laminitis – the number two killer of horses, second only to colic – by actually examining the laminae and learning how these critical structures work
• See the navicular bone and all the tissues involved in navicular syndrome
• Learn about vitally important structures such as the digital cushion, collateral cartilages, and the five coria
• Explore the tendons and ligaments of the foot and lower leg.

Day 2: Relate Anatomy to Trimming

• Look at live horses and hooves and relate hoof shape to the underlying anatomy
• Explore ways to improve balance and hoof form through hoof care
• Answer questions regarding various hoof problems like cracks, thrush, wall separations, low heels
• And, of course, talk about laminitis, early & subtle signs, importance of hoof care, changes that occur during laminitis, what to ask your vet.

Paige Poss has dissected hundreds of lower legs and quite a few whole horses. Her passion lies in creating images that teach and using easy to understand analogies to explain complex concepts. Paige is dedicated to learning and to sharing her knowledge. She is a member of the Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners and the American Association of Professional Farriers. Paige has taught trimming techniques and anatomy around the country and internationally, including recent trips to the England and Scotland. Paige currently lives and works in Arizona.