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Ruthie Thompson-Klein

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Equine Balance Hoof Care





San Juan Islands


Business name: Equine Balance Hoof Care
I emphasize hoof health in concert with overall equine wellness, doing my best to transition every horse from merely surviving to thriving.
Background: Living in a remote area, when you want something (hoof care) you figure out how to do it. A lifelong horsewoman wanting a mid-life, second-act career in an equine field, I graduated Montana State University Horseshoeing School 2002 with an all-around farrier education. The real education began after graduation.
After almost 10 years trimming/shoeing competitive and pleasure horses (even a draft or two), I took a major detour into whole-horse hoof care, studying and applying the work of Jaime Jackson and Pete Ramey among others, to my own horses. Applied and accepted for American Hoof Association membership. The time was right. Out of 200 horses, I only lost one client transitioning to bare/booted service.

I have dedicated the time since to being the equine Diet-Movement-Trim go-to in my area, racking up every clinic and resource available to stay current and effective.

Current status:
Hoof clients 2-3 days/wk plus mentoring and teaching local owner-trimmer beginning clinics. Clientele includes pleasure horses, geriatrics, ponies, minis and the occasional foal. Specialize in therapy/rehab booting, diet balancing, and occasional glue-ons for therapy or distance. Most work is routine, but have access to therapy and rehab cases. Refer new clients to local PHCP student.

email or text:
Home phone: 360/468-2198
Unreliable cell service in my area.

Mentorships: I charge $150 per day. Every level student is welcome, but I specialize with beginners. Lopez Island is located off the Northwest coast of Washington State near the Canadian border. It takes some maneuvering to get here, so plan for at least two days or an extended weekend vacation to explore the area. Get in touch and we can discuss details.