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Jeannean Mercuri

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Long Island, NY

Clinician, Mentor

My Barefoot journey started back in 2001 with my mare Piggy.  I started by reading all I could on the internet and in books.  Most of what I could find at that time was by Jaime Jackson, Dr Hiltrud Strasser & eventually Pete Ramey.  I attended any clinic I could find at the time which gave me a diverse start.  I was fortunate to find PHCP early in my Barefoot Journey and that same week I got on a plane to fly out to NV to do a Radiograph Clinic; the rest is history 🙂

I have since become a Mentor & Clinician for PHCP.  I attend continuing education annually such as NoLaminitis Conference with Dr Kellon, PHCP/AHA Annual Conference, Pete Ramey Workshop, Dr Bowker and numerous online Webinars, education is never ending. As a proud member of PHCP I am a member of the Training Committee and I am a Pegasus as well.  I am also a Certified member of the American Hoof Association and serve on their Education Team. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful Horse Rescue, Gerda’s Animal Aid in West Townshend, VT and I work closely with them rehabilitating their horses & ponies to get them in optimal health while they wait to find their forever homes; one of whom I have adopted 🙂

I am currently accepting new clients, but that status can always change so please feel free to text, call or email to discuss options.  I also can take in horses for rehabilitation work at my home when needed & if space is available.  This allows for daily attention to the horse’s needs which sometimes can be challenging for the horse owner.

Education is very important to me, I have traveled to Canada, Italy and parts of the US to help improve Hoofcare and to increase my knowledge.  Willing students can contact me about working with me.  My Mentor fee is normally $150 a day, but that can change according to travel.  I am open to traveling to you to help you work on the horses in your care.

Each Spring I host a clinic for PHCP that is about Anatomy, Booting, Casting & Power Tool Trimming.  I am available for private groups too.