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Whole Horse Health

Dr.K’s Horse Sense

These short online articles are written by Dr. Eleanor Kellon on a variety of subjects pertaining to horse health.

The Horse’s Pain Free Back and Saddler Fit Book

This comprehensive book written written by Joyce Harmon, DVM, MRCVS will teach you how to evaluate the fit of your saddle. If you are shopping for a new saddle you will want to read this book first .There is a western version of this book available too.

Equinology EQ50

This is the prerequisite whole horse anatomy class for Equinology’s Body Worker studies. Even if you never plan to become a body worker, knowing the anatomy of the horse is extremely valuable to your work as a hoof care provider and as a horse owner.

Rooney’s Video Guide to Lameness – The Front Leg and The Hind Leg & Back

Dr. James Rooney is one of the leading experts in lameness and author of  The Lame Horse. Dr. Rooney has studied the biomechanics of the horse extensively. In these two DVDs a live horse is compared with a skeleton of a horse to give you a clear understanding of the structure beneath muscle. He discusses the connection between movement, conformation, fatigue and how they affect soundness.